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Hard work pays of at the end of the season.
Back home after 14 days in the bus.
We did two events on the last two weekends, and it turns in to be a challenge to get every pieces and parts repaired and ready for the last race.
We decide to run on Mosten in Denmark instead of going to Finland, to reach the ferry to England.
Mosten had now taken the security to a high level, and mounted rails for over 500 meter, and wide the track with 2 meter. The track was excellent.
We suppose to do a good run in Mosten, but no. Friday, we start to smoke the tire, get a grip again, and then break all the bolts between the crank and pulley. With a good helping hand from members of Mosten, we were able to machine the pulley and crank on place and raise the size of the bolts from 3/8Ē to 7/16Ē.
Saturday, good traction and all the new bolts crack immediately after the start line. We still rolled over the finish line with a terrible 5.52, but only beaten by Danish Erik Nilsen. At this moment there was no reason to go to England for the next race.
But as always, there is a way out. Saturday night we demolish the whole engine, to its single pieces. Sunday morning we start to recover after a long night of work and some fun in the big tent. Then we try to find somebody who in a hurry could help us out to rebuild the crank and pulley.
In the middle of the day, we get in contact with Johan BÝrresen, a good friend in Norway who is splendid with his CNC machine. He promises to look in to the problem. But there was another problem showing up, how to get the crank and pulley safe from Denmark to Norway, and then in time to England. Crewmember Sven Erik, work as a logistic coordinator daily, went in to the case, and the parts was shipped with another Norwegian racer, back to Norway Sunday evening, Monday morning with truck for Arendal to Oslo, and then from Oslo to Raufoss with another car. Johan start to make new parts Monday evening, and work also Tuesday and Wednesday evening to give us his best performance. Then the parts were send back to Oslo and with the rest of the crew Thursday evening on the plane to England. 23.00 Thursday night the parts were on Santa Pod, and ready for mounting.
We work all night thru, and started the engine 08.00 in the morning. Friday morning with no sleep, I feel like I was in another world on the start line. But hey, nitro does something with your body and wake me up, yellow and green lights, full throttle, stabilize the bike and just hanging on. Front wheel was high in the air the whole run, and tells me this was pretty good. And the time was 6.74, a new personal best, and in to 2 qualifier. Next run, just a small adjustment, and another personal best 6.72. Still 2 qualifier. The bike was holding together, and the crew was extremely happy when we go to bed in the evening.
Saturday, first run 6.89, but still in 2 spot. Second run, big disaster. About 100 meter out I shine up Santa Pod with a lightning bike when the rear head let out the huge pressure of burning nitromethan. From my angle, It doesnít look that bad, but I know there was more work ahead of us. We did have another damaged spare head, but it had to be repaired before use. From last year we get in contact with a great engineer Paul Cowley. He was able to help us out this time also, with installing new threads in the head. Most of the night was used to prepare the bike, and gives us another sleepless night.
Sunday, elimination time. After the last run yesterday, both Lorenz and Roel manage to run 6.60 and 6.65. I was placed as 4 Qualifier. In the first elimination I suppose to challenge Petri from Finland and his blower bike. But sadly the engine was melted inside and could not be repaired. We get a solo run. Everybody told us to slow down to save parts, but thatís not an option for Olstad Race Team. We are thru racers, and race to the end of what part we use. With the highest wheelie, we challenge the wheelie bars to keep the bike from turning all the way a round and I dropped down in the brake area pretty hard this time. The time turned the crew crazy with another new personal best 6.67, and a speed of 385 km/h (235 miles) Again we know we trigged the time, probably I run a 340 km/h. We had a speed of 336 to 342 km/h the whole weekend.

In to the semifinal against Gunter Sohn. This was also a historical semifinal heat, of Super twin Bikes. All four bikes run below 6,67. Gunter shows me his rear wheel from start to finish line. I did a 6.73, but Gunter did the best run this year with a 6.54. With no comment without a big gratulation to Gunter, I was happy to know we did our best performance ever this weekend.
Lorenz beat Roel in a very close race, 6.60 to 6.62, and in to the final with Gunter and Lorenz. Gunter was first from the start line, but dropped a cylinder and had to see Lorenz in front on the finish line. We ended as no. 4 in the final, and no.4 in the UEM Championship.
Olstad Racing Team with all the crewmembers wish to thank you all for supporting us in good and bad times. We hope to see you all next year, with better times and the bike ready for action.

Sundsvall Report 2007.
Ups and downs.
What ever go up always came down.
We just arrive back home after a nice weekend at Sundsvall Raceway in Sweden. It was 8 super twin top fuel bikes on the start line. The track was excellent and in very good condition. The length of the brake line is almost too long and boring. There was absolutely no humps or bumps, and I strongly recommend this track to be substitute for Mantorp FIA and UEM event in Sweden. Itís still some rails to be built in upper end, and the organizer tells us it will be in place, hopefully within next year. I rater go the long distance to have this track condition, in stead of the bumpy and unsafe condition we have to fight on Mantorp. Sorry Mantorp but thatís thru.
This was a planed test weekend for the new clutch plates. It surprises us the wrong way. We did some nice set up, but this clutch was too slippery for us. It doesnít lock up at all. I manage to lift the front wheel of the ground after 100 meter. We give it more weight all the time, but with no answer. In the last qualification we manage to run a lazy 7.01 and in as no. 1 qualifier. We did have a nice speed on the ľ mile with 332, 342 and 395 km/h. We also logged a nice speed on 1/8 mile with 320 km/t. Itís nice to read this numbers, but we sadly know two of them canít be thru. Probably we cut the first photocell with the back wheel and the second cell with the front wheel. Thatís happened when the bike runs on one wheel, and called trigging the speed.
Anyway, we were ready to meet Greger Johansson in the first quarter final. Greger had some problems, and on no.8 on the qualification list. We help him out with our lathe. Itís always nice to help somebody, and do the fight on the track. And this time Greger was the lucky one. We go a bit harder out and ran a 4,64 on the 1/8 mile, but the bike drifted hard to the right and force me to let off the throttle. I almost went off the bike to steer it back in, and gives the public some nice sparks and smoke when the frame slides on the ground. I use to much time to straighten up the bike and Greger pass me with his best ET this year, and win the round. Thatís racing, he he.
Semi final, Greger had to shut down on the start line cause of oil out from the breather tank. Vidar Ravnsborg, also in to the semifinal, but had to see Fredrik Solheim in front the whole run. Fredrik was the most consistent this weekend, and did his personal best ever, with a 7.10 with his old fastcat engine and high gear. In to the final with Fredrik and Tore Svensson, and there was no surprise then Fredrik was the first to cross the finish line. Congratulate to Fredrik, who have race over 20 years.
Sorry to tell you we cant catch the ferry to England if we race the last round in the Nordic series as planed, so for us the next race will be at Mosten 1-2 September, and from there directly to UEM finals at Santa Pod England.
See you all, best regards Hans Olav, and rest of Olstad Racing Team.

Gardermoen Report 2007.
Hey people, please do not die of shock. This was our weekend. Allmost no parts damage, and with our turn of luck, we was into the final against Lorenz. For the first time this year, we race a whole weekend with no brakes cause of the weather. We expected a good track, and it was a good track Friday and Saturday. Sunday it was not in the same condition. Both Lorenz and my self run the final with the same set up as we did in the previous run. Both of us spinn the tire.
We showed up at Gardemoen race track Wednesday evening, and the bike was in one piece. The bike seems to run pretty good at the moment, and it shows power all ready in the first run. I spinn the first 50 mtr before it hooked up, and gives us 297km/h on 1/8 and 338km/h on ľ mile. Both speeds was new personal best, but the time was only 7,23, and no. 7 on the ladder.
2 qual run, straight up in smoke. 3 qual run, tireshake and drop of one cylinder. 4 qual run, we broke all the bolts on the front belt pulley. No time, and dropped to no. 8 qualifyer. With priorety on the bike this weekend, the bikes get a 5 qualification run. Suddenly we were out of the list when Kaltonen runs a very strong 6.82. With our last try, we take out fuel and drop the ignition to a low point. With a lazy launch we run a 6.94 and were back on the ladder on a 6 place. And another surprise we ran a new personal speed record 342km/h on the ľ mile.
Saturday evening we had to help Ton and Roel on the Zodiac team. I go with them to a workshop near by. Roel was no 3 qualifyer and my first challenge the next day, so I need him on the track. But sadly the night work doesent help, because camshaft problems keep the team in the pit when the elimination started. I meet Greger, but his bike stops after the burnout, so I get a solo run. Semifinal against Gunter. Gunter launch before me, and raise the distanse between us dramaticly. When I launch, the bike went against the right guard rail, and keeps me from give full throttle for the first 150 mtr. When the bike was straight again, I give full throttle and lift the front wheel in the air rest of the distance to the finish line. Gunter was far in front of me, but his bike started drift in to the centerline, and he also had to leave the throttle to awoid crossing. I manage to pass Gunter 10 meter before the finish line in a speed of 336km/h with my front wheel high in the air.
Then in to the final against Lorenz. We both spinn from the start line, I get into a tireshake and the bike drifted over to the left side guad rail. We both were in front several times, before I had to let of the throttle to awoid touching the rail. I try to get on the the throttle again after straighten the bike, but then I drop a cylinder and Lorenz get the victory. It was two missrable runs on 7,2 and 7,5. All gratulations to Lorenz, who also seems to win the European Championship. He was the fastes in the weekend with a 6.58. I think a hug from my daughter helps anyway.
We hope to give a real fight about the next places in the championship, when it is only 9 points between 2 and 4 spot at the moment. We are on the 4 place with 125 points, Gunter on 3 place with 126 points and Roel on 2 place with 134 points. Lorenz in 1 place with to many points, he he. No competition, no fun.
Before the final at Santa Pod, England, we gone race the Nordic series in Sundsvall, and a test weekend on Gardermoen, to find more settings on the bike.
Bye from Olstad Racing Team, and see you all around. It was nice to see so many of you drop in to our tent during the weekend.
Best regards Hans Olav and rest of the team members.

Mantorp report 2007.
1/8 mile challenge.
We showed up at Mantorp Park Race Track early Thursday morning. All the parts was repaired, the crank was grinded, the head welded and machined. 04.00 on Friday morning the bike was ready to fire up, but we decide to wait another 4 hour. We were not alone in this camp, and we also need some sleep. 08.30 we start the bike, and everything works fine, just to discover we had to wait the whole day cause of rain. 17.00 in the evening we was called to the line up, but tight time schedule send us back to the pits with no sound of supertwin bikes this evening.
Saturday we were promises three runs. 1st. run we broke the primary belt, and ended up outside the ladder. Second run I slip on the gas handle and couldnít give full throttle, shame on me. We were still outside the ladder. Third and the last try, we just had to go for it. We also had to run in the right lane, which had shows us its dangerous side. Ulf Nylen (Skutt) went in to the rail, earlier this day, and the Swedish top fuel bike rider, StrÝm also went in to the rail, fell off and crash his bike. Lots of the bike riders have big problem in this lane, and its definitive not safe. I launch pretty good, and after the 60ft. my bike also starts to drift hard to the right guard rail. I had to let off the gas handle after only 3 seconds, and was ďto closeĒ to the rail. Sparks was coming out under the bike because the frame was sliding on the ground. Everybody though I was hitting the rail, but luckily I donít, and it looks bad for some seconds also from my angle. Even after a early shut off, I ran 4,61 and in to the ladders 6 place.
We meet Acka Reimer in the first elimination. Skutt was running in the pair before us, and again he hit the rail again, badly. The bike takes the punishment and Skutt was after all ok.
We desired to try running far left in the right lane to avoid the worst part of the track. I launch pretty good and was ahead of Acka on the 60ft. But sadly I was to much on the left side of the traction, and went up in smoke. There is no question about the bike, its moving.
Acka loose when he red-light in the next round against Koedam. Koedam get an easy win, and in to the final against Lorenz. It was a close race, and the winner was Koedam. Thatís very good for the whole UEM competition, then its only 6 points between the two in front. My self ended on 5 place.
We are now ready for Gardermoen, and with no broken parts we are now I a very good mode.
Charlie was also showing his new bike, its just breath taking. He hope to be finish to race at the Finals at Santa Pod in September.
Congratulation to Koedam and the Zodiac team.
See you all at Gardermoen 3-5 Aug.
Best regards Hans Olav and all member of Olstad Racing Team.

We was happy, and show up in Finland Thursday evening with no problem. Back home we started the bike with a new welded head, and everything looks find. Friday 6.june.Ready to make a good performance in the first qualification round, we use the same set up as on Gardermoen. Just 100 meter out on the track it happens again, we lighten up the whole Alastaro with another burning head. There is no boring time in Olstad Race Team.
The 2 qualification run without us.
Many people look at the parts and told us our problem. The only thing was, they all came up with different reasons. My head rolled back in time and find out we just forgot to tighten the head bolts after heating the engine. There is no place for mistakes in this class. Back to work.

Saturday 7.june. 3 qualification run. The bike was ready again for another try. After seeing lots of smoking tires, we drop the fuelpressure to get traction. With some confused team member the bike wasnít placed correctly on the startline. I was not standing straight, and then the bike goes to the side. I manage to straighten the bike over the first 150 meter, and then give the fully throttle. The front wheel goes flying for a few meters before I smoke the tire. For me on the bike, it feels like the engine dropped a cylinder at the same time, so I shut down the engine immediately.
Rolled over the finish line with a 8,19, and out from the qualification list. 4 qualification run. With a big focus on a straight bike on the startline, less fuelpressure, we launch pretty good, but straight in to a terrible tireshake, and up in smoke again. With a easy try on the gaswire the bike hooked up again, and keep the front wheel in the air, up to the finish line. Manage to reach the speed of 293km/t and end time 7.84 gives us a 6 place on the qualification list. At least we were back in to the game.

Sunday 8.june. First elimination and meet the experience Roel Koedam on the Zodiac bike. We drop the fuelpressure even more to be shore we had traction this time. Roel launch 0.10 second before me. We both have the same 60 ft. 1,21. This time the bikes hooked up nice and smooth, and start catching up Roel. With a flying front wheel we had a side by side all the way, and I just manage to pass him before the finish line with a 6,98 and 325 km/t.
I and my team were in heaven. Our entire problem was forgotten for a moment.
Happy we start to serve the bike, when the heaven gets totally black again. When draining the oil, the oil from the bike was gray/black and smells terrible. The datalog also tells us we lost the oil pressure when we leave the start line.
The engine had again to be splits in its pieces. The crank was badly damaged, and our future seems to be ruined. But how black our sky is, there is always a moment for a light. This time it came with Ton Pels, when he told us he want to take the crank with him to Netherland and try to get somebody to repair it before Mantorp.
The rain start again, and rest of the event was canceled, and we still stay on 3 place in the UEM Championship.

All the parts and peaces was ready to leave Alastaro 04,30 Monday morning. When the diesel fuel is cheaper in Finland we filled the tank before we vent on the ferry, to save some money. On the ferry, believe it or not, the tank starts to leak again. There was nothing we could do except going home, and do another repair. On the trip we also discover a big leak in the bus front air pad, and it seems to be change out also.
I hope to be finish and ready to Mantorp Veidec Festival in Sweden.
Its hard to be a racing man, best regards from Hans Olav, and all other members of Olstad Racing Team.

Hard work pays off.
First round in the Nordic series and the Norwegian championship is finished at Gardermoen Norway. It started so well for us with new cards after the terrible trip back home from England.
First qualification run we did a real good performance with a 6.86, even with a dropped cylinder after 300 meter. We rolled over the finish line with a speed of just 282 km/t.
Second qualification run, tells us we lover the 60ft. to 1.15, and thatís it. We tear of all the bolts in the drive pulley and lightning the rear head badly. Not good at all. Our bad luck seems to newer have an end.
The worst part was to get out the worn bold from the crank. John Anders did a serious job to get them all out, and show the whole team what great mechanic he is. We really gone miss him in Finland. Five oíclock in the morning we just had to take short sleep. Just about 11.00 oíclock next day we was finish, and start the bike again.
With our 6.86 we were no 1 qualifier. First elimination, against Frank from Sweden, with Ulf Nylens old bike. 1.15 on the 60 ft. again, but the engine drops a cylinder on 100 meter. We rolled inn to a 9,62 without seeing Frank. He deep stage and get a red light.
Semifinal, solo run. We had to come over the dropped cylinder, and reduce fuel pressure. This time it vents well, and we did a 7.08 and 321 km/h on the finish line. The engine was running perfect and keeps the front wheel in the air all the way. At this time the altitude was nearly 3000 ft. Time schedule between the semi and final, gives us a challenge when we discover a broken disc in the clutch. Again the team work hard, and get the bike ready just in time.
Final against Per Bengtsson, Sweden. Everybody who knows Per, know he always pull something up from his hat, so we also want to find our rabbit. I went first from the start line with a terrible tire shake from 60 ft. up to 1/8 mile and our rabbit seems to be in the tire make the bike jump up the track. It looks awful for a whiled. Per seems to catch me up on the 1/8 mile. We had a side by side rune all the way and this time it was our day, and finally we win the race with 6,95 against Perís 7,13. I also dropped a cylinder 30 meter before the finish line.
After the race we discover we had destroyed both the wheels on the wheelie bars, and bend an exhaust valve.
I want to tell everybody about my great team, Sturla, John Anders and Sven Erik, who work so hard to get me back on track. I miss word to tell how proud I am to have these hard working men on my team. This was a team victory.
Next race is Alastaro Finland, see you there.
Hans Olav

The incredible trip back home.
What seems to be an easy travel back home to Norway ended in a roundabout into M1 Highway outside Northampton. It was only a 3 hour drive from Santa Pod to the ferry, and we had a 8 hour limit. We was traveling together with Arvid Groedem, the Norwegian Funny Car driver. Tuesday 29 may, 18.00 about to launch the M1 Highway, the bus engine stops, when we was driving into one of the roundabouts. There was nothing we could do, except empty the battery for power when we desperate try to start the engine again. It was a lot of traffic around us, Arvid leave us and heading for the ferry. We rig up the warning sign, and start to empty the bus to reach our tools. Soon we discover it was a fuel problem, and tough it maybe was a plug in the fuel line.
18.30 We call the insurance company in Norway (Gjensidige) to get rescue help. Give them all the detail about what where and when. 20.30 After two hour waiting, and nothing happened, we called back, just to find out Gjensidige could not get in contact with their partners in England, but they work with the situation. Another situation was they did not have any partner for rescue big trucks or busses. Very nice to find out when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and think the sign of the insurance for rescue suppose to help you in these situations. Gjensidige told us to phone the police to get help. We didnít have any phone number to the English police, and Gjensidige told us to look for some phone boxes beside of the road. 21.00 We was just leaving the bus to find a phone box, when the Highway Patrol shows up. We told them about the situation, they put up a lot of lights and sign to avoid the traffic to run in to us. They called CMG rescue team to tow us away. Another two hours waiting and 23.00 the tow car was on the scene. Another short brief and Phil the rescue man decide to blow air into the fuel pipe line to clean it properly and get diesel to the engine. Then the lift pump on the engine suppose to suck diesel and pump up pressure doesnít work he decide to put air pressure on to the diesel tank to push fuel into the pump. Big disaster, the tank didnít handle the pressure and crack. Three hundred liter diesel was now on its way out from the tank and into the road. Another rescue team for spill was called, and shows up immediately. Phil was running around and was nearly hit bye cars at least three times. To move the bus, we had to connect the airline from the rescue truck into the bus to release the brakes. The connection doesnít fit, but we solve that problem with a hose clamp. Then we had to be towed with a pole. That pole supposes to be connected directly into the towing point on bus and the rescue truck. Nothing fit, so shackles and joints was connected together a bad way. I had to steer the bus without any power, and use the bus brakes to avoid rolling into the towing truck. There was point to point one meter space between the vehicles. It was just a nightmare to be towed 500 meter, two roundabouts and into a bus stop. Phil drives me to the closest gas station so we could get petrol to our generator. The bus had a serious leak, and a big area around the bus was covered with diesel. Phil leaves us about 00.30 and told us he will be back the next morning. We called Gjensidige again and told about the new situation. They want us to find a motel, but we just couldnít leave the bus into a dam of diesel, with
all the racing equipment on board. Just a spark could fire it. We stayed in the bus and watch the whole night. Wednesday 30 may, 06.00 Phil was back and tried to empty whatís left on the tank, but all the walls inside the tank avoid the hose to come all the way down in the tank. At this moment there was almost nothing left in the tank either. Then Phil tries to rig up a portable tank beside the engine, but no way could we start the engine. He was cutting the fuel lines and did a lot of connections to try to get diesel in to the engine, to start it. In the mean time we was in contact with Gjensidige again, and try to get a deal to bring us back to Norway. Gjensidige say the insurance just cover the cost of rescue, not repair and parts. And they want the bus towed to the closest work shop to leave the bus and send us back home until the bus was repaired. Again, we could not leave all our equipment, and remind we also have another Super Twin Top Fuel teamís equipment in a trailer behind the bus. We was lucky to rebook the ferry ticket Immingham Ė Goteborg, for two days. With all this discussions we get in contact with a man who understands the problem. We told him we arrange parts and people to meet us in Goteborg when the ferry arrive, and only had to confirm the towing cost to the ferry, and from the ferry into a workshop in Goteborg. He gives us thumbs up, and we told the CMG rescue to tow us a proper way to the ferry, about 220 km. Gjensidige get the phone number to CMG to confirm the cover of the cost. Suddenly the CMG say they want to get paid before they want to do anything, and just a confirm of payment was not good enough. 12.30 Phil leaves us again with no result, and told he could do nothing before his boss says so. Then he told us the CMG want to tow the bus in to secure the payment.
18.00 Phil was back again with the truck to tow us to CMG. Another nightmare with the same towing equipment as last time, and this time we had to be towed for about 20 minutes. Phil seems be in a hurry, he was towing the bus in a speed of 70km/t, no fun at all. The towing point on the bus brake, there was no sorrow, but hocked on the last part of it. This also happens in a road cross and the car drivers around sit on their horns. I told a man I could hold on to his horn, so he could help out to reconnect and move the bus. We finally ended up outside CMG office, with the feeling the bus was tired in parts. The Gjensidige man was finish his day and we could not get the money transfer until the next day, maybe. So again we had to stay with the bus. 19.00 Suddenly we get a phone from Leif Andreasson, one of the Funny Car racers from Sweden. He told us he had seen us beside the road with a towing truck, and asks whatís happened. He told us to contact Lee Brown, a friend who runs a truck workshop in Rushden. We called Lee, and told the story. He talked to the CMG people and promise us to solve the problem soon as possible. But to release the bus, team member Sturla use his visa and pay 1.250 Pound for the rescue and towing, just to get away from the situation with CMG. 21.00 CMG shows up with proper equipment for towing and lifts the bus up in the front wheel and connects the bus the right and safe way.
22.00 Lee Brown and Mark, The Animal, Bodimeade waiting for us when we arrive the workshop. In their eyes, this was no problem to repair at all. A short look at the lifting pump, tells Lee it was worn out, and didnít work. Lee and Mark use to serve John Spuffards Fuel Funny Car, and they know about us. Lee and Mark take Sturla and me out for a dinner at a nice Indian Restaurant, where we eat a very good hot meal. After this the farting gives us a soar but. Next morning Thursday 31 may, Lee goes to a local store to repair the pump. Two hours later, the pump was back in, and the motor was running again immediately. Next was to remove the fuel tank for welding. There was still a few liters of diesel left, and Sturla and Mark discover this the bad way when they get it all over them self like a shower. I hear some new fantastic word in English I did not know exist.
The tank was cleaned out, and taken to a local welder. Two hour later the tank was welded. After a nice lunch, we put the tank back where it belong, and about 18.00 we was ready to do another try to catch the ferry to Goteborg.
With a huge thank to Mark and Lee, we could not find the proper word for our feelings about how thankfully we are for all the help. And another thanks to Leif Andreasson who put us in contact with the good men.
There was no more problems with the bus on the way to the ferry, and it runs perfect all the way back home. Lee also called us to be shore everything was ok.

Latest news from Santa Pod, England.
Saturday 26.may.
First kvalifying round, 1.16 on 60 ft. Had to shut of on middle track to straighten the bike, give the trottle again, and keep the front tire in the air to the finish line. Only 196 mph and 7,55 ET. Second Kvalifying: A tremendous side-by side with Gunther Sohn, all the way down the track. 1.16 on 60 ft. straight run with the front wheel in the air the whole way to the finish line. 204 mph and 6.95 ET. Gives us a 3 kval so far. Sunday 27.may.
Rain, all day long. We use the day to prepare and work with equipment and the bike.

Second racing - [UEM] Main Event, Santa Pod (England).

Just back home after a test weekend at Gardermoen Raceway. It was lot of work, to get everything in place before we was ready to start the bike. We did only one run, because of rainy weather. The first try ended after the burn out, when the engine stops. Back in the pits we discover the mitring valve, was out of line and shut down all the fuel and stop the engine. Later the same evening we got another try, but it was late evening and the air makes the track slippery. I just give half throttle, and did a lazy run with 280 km/h and 8.08 seconds. But the bike is ready for the first European champion round in England 26-28 may. We go with ferry from Goteborg Sweden, to Imingham England. These last days we use to complete the bus before we leaving for England. My father and I install a new kitchen, and cover the walls with new cloth in all the bedrooms. Its gone be nice and quiet. You now, 8 people farting and snoring in the same bus, need some special preparation. (smile). More new vill come from Santa pod England 26-28 may.

First racing - Spring Nat's Gardemoen (Norway).

The bike is now ready for exhibition 2007. And hopefully ready for race in may.

New homeside of Olstad Racing Team.

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