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News from Super Twin Team Olstad Racing.

After trying to get the bike on a project in Wind Tunnel, we got a rejection from NTH Trondhjem (NTH Norwegian Techincal High Shool) The only propper wind tunnel in Norway.
What do we do next. Few hours thinking give us the idea of building a tunnel outside the workshop First we call around to find a propper fan. Some farmes have lots of things lying aroud, and we was able to get a nice 7,5Kw motor with a fan and frame from a hay-dryer.
A tunnel was made out of 8 sheet of aluminum plates, and give us a 6 mtr long tunnel.
Some electric connections had to be done and the fan was working on the second try.
And the big surprise was the fan was blowing real fast. At the moment we are waiting for a vindsensor to measure the vindspeed.
Next step was to borrow a smoke generator from Stravinsky Night Club in Oslo. We use a hose from a vacuum cleaner, connected to the smoke generator, to lead the smoke around to differet places to see how the air was moving around the bike. It work real find, and give us lot of answears how the air is moving.
So for the next season we probably gone show up with some interesting aerodynamic solutions on the Super Twin Bike "Lightning"

Last report 2008.

Back home after a very strange season. First of all, we send the congratulation to Team Rolfstad, who takes the European championship back home to Hawgs Mc Toten this year.
It has been a season with lots of lots of rain. Both event in England rain off and the same with the round at Gardermoen. We did run thru lots of bearing problems, fuel pump problems and a big explosion in Mantorp. This gives us a 4 place at the final.

After Gardermoen we get to Mosten in Denmark, where we got a 4.place. Rolfstad takes the win also here. The three runs on 200 meter nice prepared track ended in a huge flame from a burning head. But Cato helps us out again and lent us his head for the last round in England.

With most of the engine rebuilt, we arrived in a vet Santa Pod. I’ve never seen so many umbrellas in one time over that long period. All the umbrellas were sold out, and the field around was only mud.

Friday and Saturday rain off, and we did get one qualification run Sunday morning. Before this, Günter Sohn packs his gear and vent home to Germany.
There were only 8 bikes, and everybody had a place in the ladder. I get a terrible tire shake on 150 meter and had to let off the throttle and rolled in to a 5 place, just before Lorenz. Koedam on the new bike from Ton Pels, blow off both head in his first try. Welcome to the family together with Job Heesen who also blow both heads when he pull off the belt. We discover a very high base pressure on the fuel system, and had to totally change the setup.

First elimination run, we suppose to meet Turboville, but sadly he also breaks his head gasket and was out. We did a 7.05 at half throttle, and the bike really works fine. We were ready to meet Rolfstad, but then the rain starts again, and cancelled the rest of the event.

That it for 2008, but we did overcome the fuel pump problem, we did come back after the disaster at Mantorp. We work to solve the bearing problems, and we will be back at 2009. Watch out people, the lightning will be more dangerous then ever. Another huge thanks to all the people and sponsors who helped and supported us in 2008. See you all next year.

Regards Hans Olav and all the members on Olstad Racing Team.

Lightning strikes again.

The bus was ready and packed again, after a new bad bearing experience in Finland.
We do now go back to the original bearing set up for the crank.
Mantorp was hot and sunny.
Friday, 1 qualification run, the engine didn't run well before the fuel pressure drops to the base value. No good run at all.
2. qualification run, a serious launch with 1.11 on the 60 ft. but the engine drops a cylinder half track, and no time to talk about this time either.
Saturday, 3. qualification run. We did have a good start and a good second half. We set up the bike with the two parameters and hope for a good time, but the engine dropped a cylinderon the startline, filled the engine with nitro and give us the biggest disaster ever. Everything was gone, case, pistons, rods, heads, but we didn't know about the crank yet. The race was finish for us, and also outside the ladder we drop to a 4. place in the championship.
The only thing that works was the safety gear. When it comes to safety on this bikes, its nice to know it works the way it ment to. The safety band around the engine hold back the heads and the oilpan. The cover pillow under the engine collect all oil and we didn't spill a single drop on the track.

After sorted out whats left of the engine, we find out there was a dark future. The crank was send to Hans Erik Myra, mechanic on Pro Mod team Håkonsen, measured and approved, yippee. He also give us good hope for the case, that has to be welded in all corners down under. Big Big thanks to Hans Erik. But the welding works takes to much time to be ready before next race at Gardermoen.

Wednesday we collected many parts, and we phone another good friend Cato Vaale. He is building a new Super Twin bike and have a new case similar to ours. Cato say he expected a call when he heard whats happened in Mantorp. And the biggest friend in the world at the moment borrow us his case, and we desired to try to put together the engine for Gardermoen.

Thursday, arrived at Gardermoen midt day, and the team start wrenching for 24 hours. Thanks to help from Cato with the case and new bearings, Hans Erik for checking out the crank, Pistons from Günter Sohn, rod from Job Heesen, wrist pin and fuel parts from Lorenz, headbolts from Vidar, we magine to start the bike one hour before first qualification run. We use the old heads and one trottlebody, so there was a major change in the engine setup.

Friday, 1 qualification run, the engine stop at the end of the burn out, now what?? It was only the shut off switch who vent on, on it self. The engine was breaded and ready to go before the next pair had race, but the rule says we had to roll the bike back to the pit.
2. qualification run. Straight and nice run 7.02 and no. 4 on the ladder. Sometime I also get a emotional feelings, and it was good to have few minutes for my self after this run. So much work, so many friend wants to help, and we did it again. Thanks to all of you helping friends.

Saturday, rain rain rain. Sunday, rain rain rain. There is nothing more to say, some part of Europe need roof.

We still hold on the 4. place in the championship, and it seems Svein Olav is this year Champion. He only have to show, and qualify 4 or better in the Finals. The only riders who can catch up is Lorenz and Bengtsson, but I don't think so. Anyway, it is incredible if the European Champion goes to Hawgs Mc Toten for the first time in history. We cross the fingers.

Se you at Mosten in Denmark, and the Finals at Santa Pod England first in September.

Best regards Olstad Racing Team.

Happy news this time.
Second round in European Championship in Alastaro Finland give us a 2 place. We get to the final and meed the other Norwegian team Rolfstad. Svein Olav run his best time in the final with a 6.72 we loose with a 6.92. It was 1/100 of a second between us from the start line and I had to see Svein Olav in front of me most of the run.
After the race we discover the wiering for the ignition-curve was off, and we did run with a flat ignition curve. When we open the engine we also discover another damaged crank main bearings, shit.

After all we did go to the final after a incredible semi final against Per Bengtsson. Bad luck for Per when he replace his broken cam-belt and a misslignment give him 20 degreeds wrong ignition timing. At this run we run the second fastest run in the whole event, 6.68. New personal best on 60’ with 1.08, new personal best 1/8 with 4.41. The settings for the bike seems to be very good at the moment.

We know there was something going on when we had a qualification run 6.82 with no ignition curve and no fuel curve, because of a old and retired dementes driver. There was 5 qualification sessions, we run 6.88, 6.92, 6.82, 8.51 with a broken belt, 7.04 with a broken piston, cylinder and rod. The data logger seems also to give up its life on the bike and didn't give us a single logged data after first day of qualification runs friday.

In the quart final we beet Tommy Moller with 6.93, Semi final we beet Bengtsson with 6.68, and loose the final with the time 6.92. Six runs in one weekend under 7 sec shows a reliable bike and a good working crew.

Now we try to solve the crank bearing problems and look forward to the next event at Mantorp Park Sweeden.

See you on the track, regards Olstad Racing Team.

Sad news this time. What seems to be a nice race weekend at Gardermoen, suddenly turn upside down. The bike suppose to be ready for action after a rainy weekend in England.
We did a 7.09 and 7.07 in the qualification runs, and was second on the elimination ladder.

Sunday morning, elimination day. We just started the engine to heat it up before the run, as always. But something was wrong this time. Oil pressure dropped to almost nothing, and oil starts to peal out on different places on the engine. Half hour before start, and we know there was some major problems. For the second time in 6 years of racing, Olstad Racing Team dident show up on the startline for a elemination.

There was nothing more to do, and we packed all the gear in the bus and in a bad mode drive home.

Back home we opened the motor and discover a totally demolished main bearing for the crank. The rollers on the bearing was flat and half of the original size in the lower part of the ring. The whole crank was 5-6 millimeter lower and out of the right position.
It was incredible to know we did a 7.07 on that broken bearing.

New paint, sponsed by Jessheim Bilskade doesent help when the motor dont work, but what a great looking bike we have at the moment, see photoes at foto.flagstad.org

We gratulate vinner and Norwegian champion Team Ravnsbog and hope to challenge Vidar in some races later this summer. Vidar take the vinn with Gottens latest bike.

Now we try to find new parts, and get ready for a new challenge in next UEM event in Finland.

Hopefully, we have a better story to tell you next time.
See you on the track
Best regards Hans Olav and all the member of Olstad Tacing team

Main Event in England turn in to be Rain Event for second year on a row.
Saturday, we qualified as no.3 in the first run, and dropped to no.4 after the second run. The engine stops 100 meter before finish line both runs, but we manage to get a respectable 7,03 and 7,01 ET. We also set a new personal speed record on 1/8 mile (201 mtr.) 307 km/t (198 mph.)
Sunday, rain rain rain.
Monday, elemination, first round against Tommy Moller. Ten minutes before start, the rain also start and keep on going until the event was cancelled.
The bike is ready to be usen in the Norwegian Championship 6-8 juni, and all the crew memer included the driver is very optimistic when we won the last year competition.
Se you at Gardermoen..

Dragrace Team of the year 2007 MC: Olstad Racing Team
Nowegian Dragracing Gardermoen elected Olstad Racing Team because : 4 place in European Championship, Norwegian Champion in class 1 MC and No. 3 in Nordic Cup Super twin Top Fuel 2007. They lower the personal best End Time and rise the personal speed record, working many nights and show all they never give up. Their work pays back and give result. Thats why Olstad Racing team is elected to the Team of the year.

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