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I’m very proud to announce our 2.place in European Championship 2010, Super Twin Top Fuel Bike.

We did have a faith for a win at Santa Pod after the victory in Mosten in Denmark. Our best time at 1/8 mile was 4.39. This was also our best 1/8 mile time for the season.

We was three team coming to the finals, to fight for the championship in this last round. Lorenz Stauble, Job Heezen and me. It was only 6 points between the three of us. Lorenz in the lead, Job second, and me on the third spot. So it was up to me to hunting Hi and Lo.

Qualifying session gives us a promising start for the last race. 6.82 and 6.74. The last qualifying run had a thrilling end when my wind screen support bracket bolts broke. Suddenly the wind screen turns 90 degreed and pushes the bike hard right. I shut of the throttle at 5,5 second, but still run 6.78 and 313 km/h on the finish line. This performance gives us 3.place in the ladder.

After the last qualifying run, Stauble showed up in my tent and tell me he broke his crank. I called my friend Cato Waale in Oslo. I know he had a complete bottom end in his garage. Cato rushed to the airport with the parts, only to see the boarding and a closed check in desk. Next rescue team was Ismo from Finland, who showed all in the whole Dragracing Circus what its all about. He stripped down his engine and lent Lorenz his crank. We are all very happy and proud to know people like Ismo and his crew. Ismo is one of the real heroes this weekend.
Qualifying list:
1.Lorenz Stauble 6.61
2.Per Bengtsson 6.62
3.Hans Olav Olstad 6.74
4.Trond Høiberget 6.90
5.Samu Kemppainen 7.131
6.Job Heezen 7.139
7.Roel Koedam 7.32
8.Jan Sturla Hegre 7.53

Quarter Final: When Koedam broke his engine, 1 alternator steps in, Martijn de Haas, to meet Per Bengtsson. Bengtsson smoke the tire and give away a easy win to De Haas. Stauble defeat Hegre in the fastest side by side this weekend, Lo 6.47 to Hegres 6.61. Both did a personal best and deserve a big Congratulation. Høiberget take out Kemppainen because a better reaction time. Heezen and me vent out same exiting way as many times before. Heezen was very quick on the light 0.009 to my lazy 0.17, but Lightning hooked up real good and already on 60ft. I was on his side again. Side by side we ran the whole length and this time I cross the finish line first, 6.71 to 6.99. I was very happy to move up to second spot in the Championship.

Semi Final: Stauble take out Høiberget. Both riders got problem when their engines suddenly stops about midway. Stauble had a bigger speed and crossed the finish line first. 7.81 to 13.83 What seems to be a easy target for me, turns around very quick when I get into a huge tire-shake, smoke the tire and dropped a cylinder. All I could do was to see Martijn cross the finish line far away.

Final: Lorenz had to shut at start line, cause of oil leak, so it was another easy ride for Martijn. Congratulation to Martijn De Haas for his first victory in a UEM event. It have been a interesting season, ups and downs. We really thought it was our end when our crank broke at Gardermoen in June. There is a lot of if’s, but the real facts is we are on the way to the top. There is one step left, the final step to the top in the Championship. We will be there next year to do an even tougher fight.

Specially thanks to our sponsors who helped out during the hard times this summer. Jessheim Bilskade, Lena Anleggsservice, Sande Gård, GB Tech, Kim Johansen Transport, Øveraasen, Tech-Con, Billakkspesialisten, Profilhuset Skilt and Automester.

See you on track next year.
Best regards all members of Olstad Racing Team.


Race report from Mantorp and Gardermoen.
After the great victory in Finland we had real good feelings on the road to Mantorp. We was invited to the press conference, and also got a opportunity to have a run. Of course we like to test the new asphalt, but the run vent straight up in smoke.

The qualification vent out good and we started the first session as 2.qualifier, time 4.58. Second qualification run was even better, 4.5434, and 1.qualifier just in front of Heezen 4.5435. One ten thousand of a second, 0.0001 second, that’s suppose to be 7 mm in 330 km/h. At this time it was only 1/10 of a second between the first seven bikes.

As a fist qualifier we decide to let the clutch package stay, and only tune up the bike a bit. It seems right at that moment. But to many runs on the clutch made it to slippery, only 4.61, and no progress. Suddenly 4 bikes was in front of us. Bengtsson 4.46, Lorenz 4.50, Heezen 4.51, and Høgberget 4.52.

We was happy to meet Høgberget in the first elimination run, normally we are a lot stronger, but a short heavy rain shower stop the event from any racing at all. Annoying we packed the bus and heading for Norway in the most beautiful weather you can imagination. No change in the top four in the UEM point standing.

The first day at Gardermoen start like it ended in Mantorp, rain. In the evening the cloud went bye, and the sun start shining from a blue heaven.
The organiser did a fantastic job and made the track ready in short time.

First qualification run 6.80, 2 best behind Lorenz 6.74.
Second qualification run, Bengtsson did a tremendous 6.47 and got the first qualifier spot. We did 6.95 and no progress, dropped to third spot.
Third qualifying run, Heezen did a 6.75 and also stepped in front of my best qualifying run 6.79.
4 qualification run, the last one. We really want to push the bike and give it to much fuel in the poor air, and dropped a cylinder right after the start line. No further changes in the top.

Elimination day.
Quarter Final: We suppose to meet Hegre, but serious engine damage prevents him to show and we meet our friend from Finland, Ismo. We did our best time this weekend and with a strong 6.75 we take out Ismo`s 7.11. Lorenz 6.72 take out Samu 7.86. Bengtsson 6.72 take out Høgberget 7.05. Heezen 6.96 take out Jaska 13.93. Jaska show the potential in his bike, but sadly he also set a new record bye making track cleaning after all his runs. The bike is actually ready to be covered in diapers.
Semi Final: The four strongest bikes this season is back for another fight. I got the hard nut to crack, Per Bengtsson. I was ahead Per on the reaction time, but after 2 second I dropped a cylinder and Per rushed past me. Suddenly Per lost all his engine power when the cam shaft pulley bolt broke. A super one is better than a parallel cero, and a few meters from finish line I passed Per and take the win. No good times at all 7.92 to 8.08. I also win the tent championship between Per and me. We desire to let Per use the Norwegian t-shirt for the rest of the season. We both agree, it’s better to have a side by side rather than this shit run. It’s no fun to win this way.
Lorenz takes out Heezen in a side by side 6.81 to 6.88.

Final: We were so ready to give Lorenz a big fight. But a major clean up on the start line, this time it was not Jaska, prevent us from getting the power down to the track. But one nice happening in the reaction time, I react 1/100 second better than Lorenz.
As you understand, I vent up in smoke after a few meter, dropped a cylinder and had to admit, I was behind. So a big gratulation to Lorenz for his second victory this season.

However, there was no consolation from my crew. On the towing back to the pits, I had to look into a XXXXL t-shirt with Erbacher colour all over my pit bike drivers back. Yes I know I’m behind, “at the moment”.

With this result it is now the most equal points standing ever in Super Twin top Fuel class. The three bikes I suppose in the start of the season, are now going in to the hardest fight on the Finals at Santa Pod. Point standing are now 1.Lorenz Stauble 273 points, 2.Job Heezen 271 points, 3.my self 267 points.

Our next race will be at Hockenheim Germany 13-15 august.

Best regards Olstad Racing Team.


With empty valet, new crank and some new ignition parts, we entered Finland in the most beautiful weather you can imagine.
After all struggling we were very exited about Lightning’s performance in to the first qualification run. Lightning hook up nice and leave the first 200 meter behind on 4.42 second, and now the engine runs the whole length of the track, oh yeah.
I was so happy about the engine finally runs that good and started to brake a little late. Result, I ended in the sand trap. The rescue people rushed in immediately and ask me about my condition, but my only question back was “what was my end time”?

6.74 Second and 1st qualifier. I was so happy and totally forgot Lightning was covered by sand inside out. Engine had to be taken in parts and cleaned properly so we missed the second run for the day.
After 4 qualification runs, we still was no 1 qualifier.

In the first elimination run, Finish Ismo Mäenpää 7.19 takes out Lorenz Stauble 7.65, Job Heezen 6.72 takes out Roel Koedam 6.83 in a thriller of a race, Jan Sturla Hegre 7.06 takes out Høgberget who pull the shut of in the burn out, and we take out Samu Kemppainen, 6.74 to 7.58.
In the semifinal Ismo did a strong 6.99, his first 6 second run, and takes out Heezen 7.10. We did a 6.97 and takes out Hegre 9.03.
Final: we run a nice 6,83 and take out Ismo 7.06. This was our first victory since Santa Pod 2005. This gives us the 2nd place in UEM standings. The price sermon in Alastaro is something special, and you have to win to deserve the extra bath you got there.
There is so many feelings and thoughts after a weekend like this. All this great people we meet and challenge. Is it worth all the work day and night, all the money we spend and all traveling away from home for a 6 second run?
YES !!!

We also like to welcome our new sponsors Øveraasen and Automester. Next race is Mantorp 30 July – 1 Aug. See you there.
Best regards Hans Olav Olstad

Lightnings bad heart.

To all of you , I’m very sorry for this late report from Santa Pod and Gardermoen. Lightning have been sick, yes really sick.

After the great performance in Hungary we expect to run good times on Santa Pod, but a rainy Saturday, and a windy Sunday prevent that story. Well, at that moment we didn’t know Lightning’s heart was on its last UEM event ever.
Something causes a dropping cylinder at a certain rpm. Prevent the bike from running well after about 200 meters. We just crawl in to a 7 spot on the ladder. But Nice work from Jan Sturla Hegre on his debut and 5´th qualification place. And not to forget Vidars 4 place. After all, 4 Norwegians on the ladder. The short story, Jan Sturla damages his engine, so 1 reserve Trond Høgberget, the 5´th Norwegian stepped in to race against Vidar. Vidar got problem on the start line, and Trond got a free ride in to the semifinal. Here he was taken out by Lorenz Stauble who win the race against Job Heezen. I was taken out by Koedam in first round, but still run7.16 with only one cylinder working.

The weekend after Santa pod, we look forward to test out Lightning on Gardermoen, in the Norwegian championship. Nice weather and lots of runs, but Lightning still dropping cylinders, and now the oil pressure also start to act strange. Under service of the connection rods, we found a major crack in the crank. I think that was the only part we couldn’t replace. After more investigations we also found a warning message in the ignition header box. There was something wrong with the trigger.

Not to make this story to boring, Svein Olav Rolfstad, made a call to USA and Bill Furr had a crank on the shelf, for sale, and at the moment this crank in now giving Lightning a new life together with a new trigger plate. Very thanks to my sponsors Jessheim Bilskade who stepped in together with Lena Annlegsservice and made this heart transplantation possible.
Very thanks and gratulation to Svein Olav who win the Norwegian Championship for the first time.
There have been a lot of mechanical work this days, together with my regular work, but yesterday we start up Lightning, and its sound very well again. It is now hope to perform good in the next UEM event in Alastaro, Finland. 2-4 July.

See you, best regards Hans Olav Olstad
Olstad Racing Team


To reach the first UEM event 2010, we had to push the bike thru 20 cm of snow, in to the bus. A short stop in Berlin, and a visit at Ackas place was a nice stop on the journey. Super Twin driver Acka want us to send greetings to all the race teams.

Kunmadaras shows a nice spring, and 30 degrees most of the weekend.
We were the first team on the track, and the next team was the other Super Twin Racing Team Trond Jostein. The test day shows a slippery track and we went up in smoke both runs.

With 8 teams in the field we were happy to be the 3 qualifier after the first day. The new clutch built by GB-Tech and Bentec start to show its potential in the second day of qualification. We did a nice track record 6.90, just in front of Heezen 6.91. Moved up to be 1.st qualifier. Trond was 4 qualifier, in front of Lorenz. Koedam did a 3 place on the blower bike from Zodiac.

Elimination day, quarter final. Light rain delayed the competition for 3 hour. Lorenz takes out Trond in a thriller of a side bye side. Trond was sleeping on the start line, and let Lorenz go 2/10 of a second before Trond was leaving the line. It doesn’t matter Trond did the fastest time, cause Lo was 1/100 second in front on the finish line.
Heezen won easily with a 7.0 to Kemppainen's 8.2. Mäenpää had a win over Koedam (7.3 v 7.2). We did a very nice 6.87, another track record, and take out Roman Sixta.

Semi final.
Heezen did a 7.000 and take out Mäenpää. With my best reaction time on a long time 0.10, we take out Lorenz with 4/100 of a second. Both engine dropped a cylinder, but I was lucky and crossed the finish line in front. But I loose the line choice to Heezen.

During the weekend the track shows different qualities in the lanes and we know it was important to get line choice. We tried our best set up, but sadly we went up in smoke right after 60ft. Heezen did the best reaction time in the weekend 0.05, and was in front from start to finish line. We like to send all our congratulations to Heezen with the victory in the first UEM round 2010.

The trip back home was a fight against the time to reach the ferry in Rostock, 1300 km. Because the delayed competition and some road works plus several accidents belong the road, we just manage to get on the ferry in Rostock 30 minutes before departure.
20 minutes after crossing the border in to Norway, we get in to a snow storm. The bus was fully covered with snow at the front and in some fields around we heard on the radio is was up to 30cm of snow coming down in few minutes. So after all it was a trip from snow to snow.

Happily we like to thank our sponsors GB-Tech, Kim Johansen, Jessheim Bilskade, Sande Gård, Profilhuset and Tech Con, who made this journey possible.

Best regards Olstad Racing Team.

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