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Historic season when we was a part of doing the first 6 second ladder in Europe. All the eight last runs with Lightning was a 6 second run, and we ended as no.3 in the championship.
Best regards Hans Olav Olstad

Olstad´s last farewell with Lightning

First of all we like to congratulate UEM Champion, Tent Champion and winner of finals at Santa Pod 2011, Per Bengtsson. We had a great time together sharing tent the whole season. We so much like to see Per back next year, when we gone race the same kind of engine (parallel twin). Per and his crew have convince me about the strength and potentials about this kind of engine, and when we got the opportunity to build and race this type of bike, we take it.

Lightning’s last trip with us proves us and the new owner this is one of the best bikes in Europe. We did a nice 4.33 on 1/8 mile in Mosten, Denmark, and finish the three last run at Santa Pod, England with a very strong 6.69, 6.69 and 6.69. I’m happy and proud to deliver Lightning in this condition to Ulf Ledstrøm from Sweden, and I’m shore we all gone see Lightning back in business in the future.

Before the last UEM race at Santa Pod, it was still 4 people fight for the championship, Per Bengtsson, Roel Koedam, Jan Sturla Hegre and me. Jan Sturla Hegre killed his engine in the qualifying session, and did not qualified at all. That brought me one step up to the 3´rd spot in the Championship.

The Super Twin Top Fuel class has raised its level of quality to new dimension this season. And we have been a part of it. We have never seen a six second ladder in Europe before this season, and out of seven events in 2011 we did 4 times a six second ladder. The bump spot record was set in the finals at Santa Pod with a 6.77. I think this proves a new era for the class.

First elimination run, we meet Roel Koedam. We did a nice side by side, but loose, 6.61 to my 6.69. I ended as no.3 in UEM Championship 2011. Per Bengtsson 6.49 beat Samu 6,79, Mark Ashelford 6,81 take out Lorenz Stauble 8,58, Ronny Aasen 6,98 take out Job Heezen 7,08. Roel and Per Bengtsson still fight for the title. Semi-finals. Per 6.53 take out Mark 6.73, Ronny 6.69 take out Roel 7.07. At this time Per Bengtsson was European Champion 2011.
Final: Per was very fast from the start line, but chain trouble prevent him to go the whole distance. Ronny got a even bigger problem when he burn a cylinder head, and the finals win goes to Per Bengtsson.

For us this was a kind of a end, when we know this was the last race with Lightning. We gone finish our new bike during the winter. The new bike will for shore be sensational.

I also have to give special thanks to my sponsors who make this possible.
Automester - www.automester.no,
Jessheim Bilskade – www.bilskade.net,
Sande Gård – www.sandegaard.no,
Dekk Team – www.dekkteam.no.
GB-Tech AS – www.gbtech.no.
Billakkspesialisten – www.billakkspesialisten.no.
Profilhuset – www.profilhuset.as.
Lena Graveservice and Tech-Con.

Thanks to all racing fans, and we will meet you next year with new bike and new colours. Best regards from Olstad Racing Team,

Best regards Hans Olav Olstad

Lightning’s mission is completed.

Just a small update before we go for our last journey with Lightning.

The bike is now sold. We started the long journey in Santa Pod at Main Event 2004 with a win. Maybe we can end the 8 year long trip with a win at finals 2011. Another message to all our racing fans, we will be back next year. Since 2003 we have race all the UEM events in a row.

Gardermoen was one of our big step down, we didn’t qualified at all. Lightning seems to have some ignition failure, and we didn’t manage to solve the problem before Hockenheim the week after.

We thought we run some good times at Hockenheim with 6,73 and a 4 spot on the ladder. But one battery failure, and bad contact in a fuse holder, prevent Lightning to perform anything except damages cylinder, piston, wrist pin and rods.

After a huge check up back home we found a fuse holder with bad contact points, and with no power transfer to the ignition, there is no ignition. WE have been running on one ignition system, good know how long.

So for the last tour with Lightning we hope to perform well and show the new owner he bought the right bike. First we have the race at Mosten in Denmark, and then the finals at Santa pod England.

See you at the track

Best regards Hans Olav Olstad

Hi Everybody. The bike ”Lightning” is for sale.
The reason is a plan to build a new bike, finish at season start 2012. Our bike have been one of the most reliable/trustful quick bike in Europe.
This bike is easy to handle and easy to drive. The bike have been upgraded with high quality part all years and is a high quality bike.

Construction year: 2003
Frame: blakullaframe by Gunnar Ohlson
Frame upgraded 2010 with support pipe in engine room and rear part together with new connection for rear wheel and new rear 35mm axle.
Front fork: Kawasaki legs overhauled 2010, wheel supported with 420mm Galfer super brake disc and 2 x 6 piston caliper from ISR
Handlebars: ISR.
Steering dampener: 2 x CSC Hyperpro
Rear Wheel: Servex 13” rim with 31” x 14” x 15” Good Year Tire, Brakes: ISR 4 piston caliper and PMFR disc.
Engine: PRP 2860ccm3/175 cui, new crank 2010. 5,25” stroke X 4,6” Bore.
9” rods, 7075 T6, delivered by Zodiac.
Double injectors.
Cylinder by Olstad, tool steel, and nitrated.
Piston: Ross.
Piston Rings: Total Seal.
Camshaft: Romain 800.
Heads: PRP made of 7075/ Alumec aluminum.
Rocker arms: Jims.
Lifters: Jims/Furr lifters.
Ignition: MSD, the best you can buy for money.
Data logger: Racepack 300 with online screen, sensors: Fuel pressure, fuel nozzle pressure, flow meter, 2 x exh. Temp, engine rpm, clutch out rpm, clutch release canon pressure, acceleration, oil pressure.
Clutch: 6” Hi-Gear New 2010, made by Bentec and GB-Tech in cooperation. 5 disc inboard, 3 stage.
Fuel pump: Waterman little Berta, 20 gallon.
Fuel system: BDK valve with EM manage system.
Primary belt: Gates 5” Carbon.
Carbon body.
45.000,- euro. Clean with no spare part or set up.

Spare parts list:
1 set of Heads, never used, 7075/Alumec.
Lot of valves, exh SS steel, intake titanium, springs, retainers etc.
1,5 set camshaft, Romain800.
1 set of rocker boxes.
3 new jims rocker arms.
Lot of lifter housing and lifters.
1 clutch complete with pulley.
3 set complete packages of 6”clutch disc and floaters.
30 clutch floaters.
4 spare cylinders + lot pistons, Total Seal piston rings, 1,094”piston pins, and piston buttons.
4 new 9” rods 7075 T6
13” RC rim, rear wheel.
5” Gates Carbon Primary Belt.
Lot of rod bearing.
1 set. Main crank bearing.
1 rear tire, 31x14x15 Good Year. Used.
15.000,- euro.
This also includes: All set up and logger data collected from all years of racing with the bike.
Weekend mechanical course for programming and wrenching Lightning.
1 year support.

The Super Twin class continued to show 6 second ladder. We had waited for this to happen couple of years, and when it happens, it seems to be an ongoing business. The number of team is high as well as the performance. What a super strong championship class this have turn into, and the championship is more open than ever. It’s a big fight just to qualify these days, and we are very proud to be there.

Jäger was 1st qualifier in Tierp, but ended outside the ladder in company with Rolfstad and a long list of good riders. Lorenz Stäuble the class winner 2010 is now on a 7 spot in the championship 72 points behind the leader Per Bengtsson. At this point we are only 14 point behind, on a nice 4th spot.

Three events remain and a lot can still happen in this unpredictable class where teams take turns at running at an extremely high level of performance seemingly no matter what track we enter.

Elimination round #1
Jaska Salakari winner 6.390 sec/341 km / Hans Olav Olstad 6.84 sec/324 km. What a run for Salakari! We did and good run, but up against 6.39 we had no chance.
Jan Sturla Hegre 9.20 sec/ 148 km burned the head at mid-track / Greger Johansson 7.12 sec/264 km. Johansson to the semi-final
Roel Koedam winner 6.817 sec/319 km / Lorenz Stäuble 7.07 sec/330 km. Stäuble 0.07 reaction time to Koedams 0.203 was not enough to take the win
Per Bengtsson winner 6.825 sec/326 km / Mark Ashelford 7.98 sec/329 km. Bengtsson had to work the bike but the win was clear at mid track

Semifinal, round #2
Jaska Salakari winner no time/ Greger Johansson broke before the start cause of a fuel leakage. BYE RUN for Salakari who did not make a full pass and no time.
Roel Koedam in front of Bengtsson from the line, and leads all the way to the win. ET 6.856 sec/324 km Per Bengtsson 6.742 sec/314 km

Final, round #3
Roel Koedam winner 7.773 sec/245 km / Jaska Salakari broke on the line  
Per did some nice run and are still leading the tent championship with two points. To play little with Per we have to ask everybody to find five faults on this photos. Next event is our home track Gardermoen. We hope to do some good runs, and welcome everybody to a nice race weekend there.
Also we decide to sell our bike “Lightning” cause of a new bike next season. Just tell us if you are interested in one of the most reliable fast Super Twin Top Fuel Bike in Europe.

Best regards Hans Olav Olstad

The best Super Twin field ever in Europe.

From the photos we already have seen from Tierp, we do have big expectations. But when we got there it was just fantastic. This arena is the new capital of dragracing in Europe, no question. This is absolute overwhelming. I´m out of word.

Finally we got our 6 second ladder. And what a field, I was the last qualified on 6.79 and very proud to be part of the best Super Twin field ever in Europe. This list includes 3 drivers from Norway, the rest from Australia, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. We probably don’t get a list like this before the next race at Tierp. I just have to give you this incredible qualifying list:
1. Jäger 6.50
2. Rolfstad 6.55
3. Bengtsson 6.6100
4. Hegre 6.6104
5. Ashelford 6.63
6. Stäuble 6.65
7. Salakari 6.69
8. Olstad 6.79

From this list everyone can take this win, and we start the elimination to take out 1.st qualifier Jäger who went up in smoke. Ashelford take out Hegre, Bengtsson take out Stäuble, and Salakari take out Rolfstad.
Semifinal: Bengtsson had a solo run, when Salakari didn´t show. We meet the fast going Ashelford. Our bike responds with a calf and stop pulling. Probably the 6.70 previous run did some damage to the engine. Later we found under the front head, burned piston and cylinder also damage to the rod. Under the rear head we found a cracked wrist pin, damaged piston and rod.

Final was again a thriller. Bengtsson was ahead from the line but start to smoke the tire. Then Ashelford was ahead, when Bengtsson put in the second gear and get a grip again. It was like slow motion Bengtsson passed Ashelford and win this historic event at Tierp Arena Sweden.

Bengtsson did also good in the tent championship and are now in the leading position, 7 points to my 6 point. We are still no.2 in the UEM championship, one point behind the leader.

We do have spare parts, and we will be ready for the next UEM event at Alastaro in Finland 1-3 July.

Best regards Hans Olav Olstad

Great start for the season.

Runner up in the first UEM race in Kunmadaras and winner of the Norwegian Championship 2011. Cause of rain out in the second UEM event in England we still hold on to the 2.place in the championship. We also leading the tent championship between Bengtsson and me.
This is our strongest start for a season ever.

Kunmadaras 29apr-1may.
After some frame modification during the winter, we go to Hungary for our first UEM event 2011. Again it turns in to be a thriller of a race, infected by new strong racers, weather and track.
For third time in row, we turn in to be the 1.st qualifier. It was in the last qualification run, and we were the only team down to a 6 second run, so far. As I mention before, no surprise for me, new strong contenders. 3.qualifier Samu Kemppainen, and no.4 Christian Jäger.

Elimination. First elimination race for me was to fight Rolfstad. Rolfstad’s retired reaction time 0.38 to my 0.13, we won with a lazy 7.16 to 7.38. Next contender was Christian Jäger, who did a 7.02 and had a line choice. Previous race in Kunmadaras shows us the right line always makes better time then left line. I did not have a big hope when Christian chooses the right line. Madder of facts, the left line was rising in quality, and I did a 7.00 to Christians 7.19. Then it was the final, and rain. After some waiting, we was able to make the final between the rain showers, where we meet our club friend Jan Sturla Hegre, spotted as no.2 qualifier. Jan Sturla was 0.01 second in front of me from the start line, and run the best time ever on a Super Twin in Hungary 6.82 to my 7.22 dropping engine.
Congratulation to Jan Sturla Hegre.

Norwegian Championship Gardermoen 14-15May.
Checking the ignition devices on Lightning we found a misalignment between front and rear cylinder for 12 degreed. That may explain our problem with dropping cylinders. We always drop the front cylinder. The ignition point should be 45 degrees, but shows 35. Hmmm.
With new ignition settings we ran a straight 6.96 and 1.qualifier. Second run 7.02, but beaten by a Australian Tem 6.95. Third run 6.91 and back in 1’st position. The second Norwegian team was Vidar Ravnsborg 7.12
Because of rain out elimination day, I can tell you we are the Norwegian Champion 2011 by the rules. We were the team with most points from the qualifier list. This is the second time we are the Norwegian Champion.

Another nice happening during the weekend was my daughter Benedicte did her license in junior dragster.

Main Event, Santa Pod, England 28-30may.
With no screws turned from Gardermoen we were comfortable with those settings for the first run. But no way, lifter, camshaft, rocker arm and push rod retired it self and stopped the engine straight from the start line. Thanks to Lorenz Stäuble who lent us his camshaft set, we was able to race again the next day. Day one, no time and no result.
Day 2 of qualification. First run we spun the tire straight from the start line and the bike change the direction to much to hold on the throttle. I had to let of the throttle for 3 second, and that’s not good for good times in dragracing. Still far away from any ladder.

Last qualification run we set down the performance of the engine from the start line, but kept the settings on the upper part of the track. Lightning hooks up nice with no tire shake, and keep going 300 meter before it dropped a cylinder again. Sadly I cross the finish line with a mind about going home to Norway with no results from Main Event 2011. At that time I did not know the finish time was 7.01 and in to the qualifier list’s 5 spot.
Elimination day, Main Event turns in to be Rain Event again. WE and all other racers so much like to smell burned rubber and nitro, sadly leaving England and hope to get another good grip at the new fantastic racetrack Tierp Arena in Sweden
Per Bengtsson did very well in the tent championship, picked up 3 point, but still behind my 4 points.

See you in Sweden.
Best regards Hans Olav Olstad

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