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A hard season start with the new bike called Thunderstruck.
My brother died and I was sick for 6month with a bad back.
Still able to show the world the potential in the new bike with a new personal best on speed and no damage on the engine.

Best regards Hans Olav Olstad

Hard season start for Olstad Racing.

First of all I have to apologise to all of you, for late information this season.

There has been a hard and sad season so far. The plan for the season was to race all the Nordic and UEM events.
Building a new bike is always a challenge. Against all odds we almost manage to get the bike ready for the first test event at Tierp Arena in May. It was a few things left, like restrictors in the oil feed line, and some covers. 11. May we vent to Tierp with an almost finish bike, but also to support the new owner on the old bike Lightning, teaching how to race and manage the mechanical stuff.

We are very proud of Ulf LedstrÝm, the new owner of Lightning. He did his licence, run personal best all runs. Ulf also manage to do very well in Nordic Cup. He lowers his personal best to a 7.11. In the Nordic Cup race in Alastaro Finland, he also manages to go all the way to the final, but lost the fight against Samu Kemppainen from Finland.

The constructor and designer of Thunderstruck, Gerard Willemse came to Norway to stay close on the first start up of the bike. 27. May.2012 Thunderstruck got to live, immediately sounded loud and strong. My brother Per ōyvind also visit us this weekend, using his last power just to be with us and join the start up. He suffering from Cancer and the doctors give him up one month ago. This was also his last journey from his home.

On the first trip to Tierp I probably handle the bike the wrong way when lifting and moving Thunderstruck in and out from the bus. My back starts to hurt very bad during the last week, and I have to visit my doctor. Diagnose was prolapsed discs cause high pressure on sciatica nerve. The pain kept me in bed next 14 days. The doctor expect 3-4 month before recovering if everything vent well. Disaster for the racing, I canít even drive the bus. For the first time since 2003 I have to cancel Main Event in Santa Pod England. This situation also prevents me from earning money, when Iím self employed. Shit never comes alone. This racing business is not for free.

After discussing the situation with my team crew, together we decide to make a test run at Tierp. Cause of the back pain and physical situation I was forced to lie down or do a short walk. The crew did a fantastic job, taking care of the bike, equipment, bus, yes absolute everything. All I had to do was getting in to the suit and stay on the bike for a few seconds.

Wednesday 13 June I manage to visit my brother before heading to Tierp. My first trip out from my house for 4 weeks. Per ōyvind told me he falls over this morning when visit the bathroom and couldnít get up without help. He uses some of his last power to do the last handshake with me.

Thursday 14.June heading for the first test session at Tierp. On the road we got hit by the message, my brother Per ōyvind just took his last breath. He died 43 years old. We was ready to turn back home, but after talking to the rest of the family, we was told that Per ōyvind very much wanted us to do the weekend what ever happens. My saddest weekend ever. We tried our best, with one burnout and a clutch braking start, rain and even more rain ended this weekend.
All our thoughts go to Per ōyvindís wife, his two children and parents. We now try our best to taking care of the family in this sad situation, and give racing a brake to Dragchallenge at Gardermoen in August.

22. June.2012 Even with my bad back I found some strength to carry Per ōyvindís coffin from the church to his last rest. It was too hard for me to hold any speak this day, but I found some word to show my feelings making a song, perform by Marius Beck under the funeral. The song, brother for a moment, can be watched at my facebook site.

I hope you all understand the situation and the decisions. We try the best as we can to do the last part of the season. We now have made our entry to Gardermoen Norway and Hockenheim Germany. Then we try to race Tierp Sweden, Mosten Denmark and final at Santa Pod England.

See you all on track.

Best regards Hans Olav Olstad, Olstad Racing team.

Olstad Racing Team are proud to present the new Team shirt. The new bike is born, the name will be THUNDERSTRUCK.

Best regards Hans Olav Olstad

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